State Wars on the Horizon

Posted: July 3, 2012 in NHPW

State Wars Info State Wars is a One chance tournament will begin soon over the next few NHPW Events till a winner is found – if a State Team loses they have one chance to remain in. Unless they are swept then in that case the State is gone. State Wars Challenge Outline …

1) Teams consist of Captain and two other members (that to be specified soon) opting to represent their state. Captain is the only one who remains the same and chooses members of the team as they see fit to win State Challenges

2) Each Challenge is a best out of 3.

3) Captains will choose a match each for the first two matches (Coin toss between them determines who chooses first)

4) 3rd match is a Tiebreaker or a Sweep stopper (as mentioned if a State is swept then they are eliminated from State Wars completely) One State vs State Challenge per NHPW event till one State remains standing for dominant State bragging rights!

Source: New Horizon Pro Wrestling.


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