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SHWA Midyear Mayhem 2012 results

Posted: July 14, 2012 in SHWA

– Crazy Train def. Elliot Forbes (8:52)

– Dorian def. El Jim Bob, Jimmy Jamal Jenkins and “Firefly” Felix Young (7:27)

– Crimson Lightning def. Hayden Zenith (7:40)

– “Mad” Mike Massive def. Tyr in a Dog Collar match (12:05)

– Shadows of Alastor (Dan Steel & Jarrad Slate) def. SHWA Tag Team Champions The Alpha Giants (Kyote & Jake Paragon) in an Elimination Tables match to win the titles after Kyote joined forces with SOA (18:09)

– Crimson Lightning def. Crazy Train, Dan Steel, Dorian, Ebenizah J. Klaus, Eddy Bombay, Elliot Forbes,  “Firefly” Felix Young, Hayden Zenith, Jake Paragon, Jarrad Slate, Jimmy Jamal Jenkins, Kyote, Michelle, “Mad” Mike Massive, Mrs. Mass, Suffering, Sven Zoltanhassan, Tim the Soundguy, and Tyr to win the Midyear Rumble and become #1 contender for the SHWA Championship (32:58)

– SHWA Champion The Wraith def. Pain and “Warship” Jay Bailey in a Ladder match (14:08)


SHWA Reckless Abandon results

Posted: June 9, 2012 in SHWA

Midyear Mayhem SHWA Championship Qualifying match: Matt Glitter def. “Mad” Mike Massive via countout (7:34)

Midyear Mayhem SHWA Championship Qualifying match: “The Warship” Jay Bailey def.  Jake Paragon (8:46)

Midyear Mayhem SHWA Championship Qualifying match: Pain def. Tyr (6:06)

– Shadows of Alastor (Dan Steel & Jarrad Slate) def. Crazy Train & Bravo Tarir (17:40)

– Jarrad Slate def. Bravo Tarir, Crazy Train, Dan Steel, “Mad” Mike Massive, Mrs. Mass, Pain, Suffering, and Tyr to win a Battle Royal and earn the number 20 spot in the Midyear Rumble (8:28)

SHWA Champion The Wraith def. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins (9:33)

– Crimson Lightning def. Elliot Forbes in a No DQ match to win the Best of 3 series (10:12)

  – Crimson Lightning def. Elliot Forbes to tie up their Best of 3 series 1-1 (8:48). Special Guest Referee, Ebenizah J Klaus accidentally threw powder in the eyes of Forbes, which led to Lightning’s victory.

– El Jim Bob def. “Mad” Mike Massive in a Softcore match (15:41)

– Pain def. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins in a non-title match (8:46)

– Felix Young def. Nero Sparkles and Matt Glitter in a Triple Threat match (6:16). Young was meant to team with Crazy Train, but before the   bell, newcomers Sparkles and Glitter tied Crazy Train up. SHWA comissioner, Elliot Forbes then came out to declare the match a Triple  Threat.

– Kyote def. Jarrad Slate via DQ (12:43)

– Dan Steel def. Jake Paragon (8:08)

– The Wraith def. Hayden Zenith to retain the SHWA championship (8:34). The main event began with a brawl that went around the building  for several minutes before the match actually started.

Tyr suspended

Posted: May 8, 2012 in SHWA

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance officials have suspended Tyr from appearing at “Super Awesome Wrestling Show 7000” on May 19. The newcomer threatened staff with his sword, caused Mrs. Mass to get injured and attacked “Mad” Mike Massive post match at “Locks, Chops and Two Title Bouts”.

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